Candidate Care

candidate care the hennessy group

Our unique search techniques and candidate analysis are only part of why The Hennessy Group is considered as a top retained executive search firm in life sciences.

The other part? Candidate care.

Candidate care is essential to landing the industry’s top leadership talent. At The Hennessy Group, it helps us ensure our searches are always high quality, too. Candidate care allows us to motivate candidates who might not have expressed and interest in a new role otherwise. And it’s why so many of our candidates go on to become our clients.

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The Hennessy Group is currently in the process of conducting additional research on candidate care. Whether you are a candidate or a hiring executive, if you’ve had a good or bad experience relative to candidate care in the life sciences industry, you can participate in our research by using the contact form, available here.

Candidate Care: A Competitive Advantage - PDF