Is Your Company Practicing Candidate Care?

Is Your Company Practicing Candidate Care?

Is Your Company Practicing Candidate Care?

All candidates are potential brand ambassadors…even if they don’t get hired.
By Robert D. Hennessy

Hundreds of candidates may walk through your doors, while only a few are hired. But every single person who interviews with your company is a potential brand ambassador.

“Individuals being recruited into an organization, whether successful or not, become ambassadors for that company for a period of time,” says William S. Poole, past president of Novo Nordisk (US) and of Biovail US. “As every sales person will tell you, all it takes is one unhappy customer to undo the good of having 100 happy customers.”

Companies can avoid having to fix their images if they would take better care of candidates in the first place. That’s why having a holistic candidate care program is so critical.

What is candidate care?

Candidate care is the process by which a company staffs a position. It encompasses everything from the announcement of the job opening to the onboarding process. Think about the effort that it takes to find, retain, train, and maintain a single new hire. Multiply that by several hundred – or even several thousand over time – and the impact of candidate care becomes clear.

Too often, candidate care is overlooked. But, securing the flow of intellectual capital should be one of your company’s highest priorities. There’s an unprecedented thirst for intellectual capital, and the demand will only become more intense in the future.

If a company is slow to recognize the strategic value of candidate care, its competition will do the job for them. Considering that the supply of intellectual capital is finite at any given time and in any geographic area, inattentiveness to candidate care will place your company at a distinct disadvantage.

Creating a positive candidate experience

With a strong candidate care program, you can enhance and optimize the experience of every person who interviews at your company. By smoothly escorting potential employees through the interview process, you leave them with a positive impression.

Job candidates can become important spokespeople because they gain specific and intimate knowledge of the organization and its employees during the interview process. This is particularly true at the executive level since the candidates are often well known and their opinions are respected.

Whether they get the job with your company or not, they can still speak favorably about it when given the opportunity. Hiring companies should also consider that they may want to re-approach some candidates in the future. By taking the time to ensure all candidates have a positive experience interviewing with your company, you can not only attract and retain top talent, but also augment your corporate image, branding, and marketing efforts.

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