Retained Executive Search

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“Headhunting” has become a valuable service in the search for leadership in life sciences.  The benefit and rationale for clients goes well beyond the need to fill a role.  Imagine if we couldn’t find the best scientists to develop statins, or researchers to study diabetes.  How would this affect your family?  Without the “headhunters” in retained executive search, the quest to find talented leaders who can cure diseases would be undermined.  Without executive search, the pace of change, and especially progress, would be compromised.

Life Sciences companies often call The Hennessy Group after they do all possible to find talent on their own.  Clients seek our counsel because we have significant expertise helping life sciences companies to acquire talent. We have experience across the therapeutic spectrum, and we offer a robust network in many of these areas. We have served big Pharma for over 30 years, and we offer significant expertise assessing leaders for their “fit” in small to mid-size companies. We understand our client’s values and it is our obligation to align life sciences talent with our client’s values.


  • Retained Executive Search
  • Board assessment including CEO and Director succession planning
  • Board/Director Recruitment
  • Career counseling – The Hennessy Group offers coaching services to Directors and CEOs in transition.