The Key to Hiring a New Leader for Your Pharmaceutical, 2019 edition


We have a pretty good idea of what motivates a leader in the life sciences industry to move to a new opportunity because we hear it directly from them during interviews. But most of our discussions are informal. We decided it was time to get a more official temperature on what drives executive candidates, particularly in what I consider to be the most competitive job market of my 30-year career.

So we conducted a survey of executives, including c-suite and board members, from across the life sciences -- CDMO, biologics, orphan drugs, big pharma and small pharmaceutical start-ups, and more. I’ll admit our motives were a little selfish: part of what we do is motivate leaders to consider new opportunities, so this information helps us do our jobs even more effectively.

The responses that we’ve seen thus far have been pretty eye opening. While the survey is still open (you can take it here), here’s a sample of what we’ve learned so far. Rest assured that there’s more information to come.



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