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We are a retained executive search consultancy exclusively serving the life sciences industry.
“The Hennessy Group is a boutique, in a good sense of the term from the perspective of personalized attention. They connect and understand your business. At larger firms, you get a bait and switch. The Hennessy Group has good people. You get a high level of attention and working knowledge of your business from them.” CHRO, Big Pharma


We have a 2-4 month search process, with a well-researched and vetted candidate slate delivered within 30 days.
“We were upgrading our global supply chain position. We needed a VP, and The Hennessy Group had someone from a big pharmaceutical sitting in front of us in under 45 days. The timing was perfect and the Hennessy placement helped establish processes and rigor that we did not have before. It was a boost to us to bring in a quality hire like that.” VP HR, Biologics


On average, a Hennessy placement is promoted to President or CEO every 8 months for the past 20 years.
“I was a 20-year J&J guy. The Hennessy Group is the only firm ever to get me to consider leaving a big company and consider other opportunities. I got to know the firm and their processes. When I became CEO, we used The Hennessy Group for a half dozen searches. They know how to motivate high potential talent.” CEO, Biopharma


We deliver a level of candidate care that strengthens our clients’ brand and hiring power.
“I have worked with all the big firms and other life sciences-focused recruiters, and what sets The Hennessy Group apart is their understanding of the criticalness of R&D to the business. Their competitors want only the C-level searches, they move to the next candidate on their list too quickly or they loose interest in the search because it's too technical. Hennessy offers that individual candidate high touch that their competitors can't deliver.” Chairman & CEO, Biopharma


If a Hennessy placement leaves within their first year, we’ll redo the search for free.
“Our first Hennessy hire was one of our most coveted employees - a supply chain guy. They nailed it. Next was a Head of Business Development, followed by another BD search, then two regulatory people, including one in Europe. Then they found our EVP of R&D. We only use The Hennessy Group for retained searches. They have also helped us assess Board member candidates.” CEO, Biotech
  • “The delta between Hennessy and the rest”

    "I was a candidate over 10 years ago and remember how unique I thought their process was because I never felt alone and always knew where I was in it. When I became CEO, we used other recruiters and the delta between how they worked and Hennessy was remarkable."
    Candidate & Client
  • “So many great candidates”

    "You brought so many great candidates to the table. It was one of the smoothest senior recruiting processes I’ve been through, so kudos to you all"
    Talent Acquisition Manager
  • “Number one referral”

    "The Hennessy Group is very strong in communication, planning and execution. I’ve referred a lot of people to them and they’ve provided excellent service. They are the number one firm I’ve referred people to."
    Candidate & Client
  • “The Hennessy assessment process”

    "From my experience, if others went through the Hennessy assessment process, then they’d use them for their own searches. They spent 2-3 hours with me talking about my background and that really impressed me. My experience with other firms is a half hour conversation tops."
    Specialty Pharma
  • “Cultural fit”

    "The Hennessy Group has consistently found dynamic, richly experienced leaders who mesh with our culture and fall right in step with our management teams."

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