Interview Tips for Candidates

Interview Tips Candidates

How Should Candidates Prepare & What Questions Can They Ask?

  • Over prepare – Know the company, products, markets, revenue, methods of distribution and the competition.  Know the leadership team and review recent news and announcements.
  • Have a 30-second summary of your value proposition. Be ready to expand to three minutes when you capture their interest.
  • Ask members of the interview team why they joined the company, and what they like.
  • How is success defined in the company and what would success look like in this role?  How would the hiring executive define a “home run or grand slam”?
  • What are the first half-year and year expectations for the open position?
  • Why is the position open?
  • For a top performer in this role, what are the career opportunities?  What are the potential next steps?
  • What else can I share with you that we haven’t covered?