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Pacira Pharmaceuticals

Pacira Pharmaceuticals

IN Pain Management
Pacira Pharmaceuticals
Date Started:
July 16, 2008
Total Jobs Filled:
About Project

Our relationship with Pacira’s CEO started many years ago, when he was the President of a specialty pharmaceutical company serving the hospital products market. We placed several General Managers as well as Marketing leaders for that specialty pharmaceutical company.  In 2008, we made our first placement for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, placing their CFO.  In 2011, Pacira’s lead product, Exparel, was approved.

Additional Search Projects:

2008 – Chief Financial Officer

2012 – Vice President, Human Resources

2012 – Executive Director, IT

2012 – Senior Director, Manufacturing (98-day placement)

2012 – Senior Director, Quality and Compliance

2013 – VP of Sales

2014 – VP, IT (86-day placement) and we were told that this placement represents the “new culture” of Pacira

2015 – Vice President, Human Resources (67-day placement)

2015 – Vice President, Marketing (103-day placement)

2015 – Chief Medical Officer (121-day placement)

2016 – VP, Regulatory Affairs (64-day placement)

2016 – Vice President of Investor Relations

After serving the same CEO at two different specialty pharmaceutical companies, and placing fifteen executives, it’s especially fulfilling to watch the growth of Pacira Pharmaceuticals.

In 2015, the CFO whom we placed was named President of Pacira Pharmaceuticals