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Are You Practicing Candidate Care?

We talk about candidate care at The Hennessy Group a lot. The conversations typically center around keeping top candidates engaged while getting the client to connect with them. Candidates must pass a lengthy assessment process with us to get to the point of speaking with the client. Usually after that process, candidate interest hits its […]

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In 2020, Talent Acquisition Gets Personal

As we begin a new decade, I’m excited about the growing number of opportunities in the life sciences industry. Over the last several months, I have enjoyed the chance to attend numerous life sciences events around the country, and to speak with life sciences leaders and decision makers about the issues that are most important […]

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11 Signs You’re Working with a Great Recruiter

I was asked recently “What makes a great recruiter?” I tried to limit myself to 2-3 characteristics, but realized that there are at least 11 signs that will tell you that you're working with a top-notch recruiter, particularly if that recruiter is assisting with executive search. Here they are: 1. Your recruiter has an innate […]

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What is candidate care? And why does it matter even more in executive hiring?

I called a candidate at 7 p.m. last night to prepare her for an interview she’s having later this week. Immediately after hanging up, I called another candidate who is interviewing for a different role to find out how his all-day interview went and give him the feedback I had already received from the hiring […]

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Creating An Effective Candidate Care Strategy

Creating an Effective Candidate Care Strategy It’s no secret that there is a global talent shortage. While this shortage is most pronounced in industries with jobs that require special skills and experience, there is a growing concern that this shortage will significantly impact more businesses in the not too distant future. While I am aware […]

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Top Five Ways To Improve Your Company’s Candidate Care Program

Top Five Ways To Improve Your Company’s Candidate Care Program By Robert D. Hennessy From announcing a job opening to onboarding a new employee, every step is critical in your company’s candidate care program. By making it a positive experience for every candidate – even those you don’t hire – you can enhance your corporate […]

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