After 21 years, The Hennessy Group gets a new look!

Today, we released a new logo and website, expanding on our brand identity that began over 20 years ago when The Hennessy Group first opened for business. Since 1999, The Hennessy Group has been a leading boutique executive search firm serving the life sciences industry. We developed our logo to represent who we are, what […]

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Silver-Haired Lessons in Search and Recessions

There will always be a crisis in our lives. With respect to the Covid-19 virus, it's encouraging to watch people and countries pull together, especially to help those most in need. Let's hope we can mitigate the virus soon, learn from its lessons, elevate our awareness, and improve how we respond in the future to […]

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Are You Practicing Candidate Care?

We talk about candidate care at The Hennessy Group a lot. The conversations typically center around keeping top candidates engaged while getting the client to connect with them. Candidates must pass a lengthy assessment process with us to get to the point of speaking with the client. Usually after that process, candidate interest hits its […]

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In 2020, Talent Acquisition Gets Personal

As we begin a new decade, I’m excited about the growing number of opportunities in the life sciences industry. Over the last several months, I have enjoyed the chance to attend numerous life sciences events around the country, and to speak with life sciences leaders and decision makers about the issues that are most important […]

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BIO Chapters Connect Our Life Sciences Communities

I encourage human resources and talent acquisition leaders in life sciences, as well as others, to attend their local Bio Association chapter events. I am in my fourth decade doing retained search for life sciences companies, and I still am surprised how much I learn at these events - not to mention they can also […]

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8 Tips for Connecting with a Retained Search Firm

Why Connecting with a Retained Search Firm Is Important to Your Career by Robert Hennessy Go to any online job board and search for C-suite, executive or senior management positions and you’ll find slim pickings. Worse yet, the chances of hearing from any of those companies or landing those roles are so low that job […]

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Compensation and the cost/benefits of leadership in hiring

We see two kinds of hiring companies in the life sciences industry: those that are quick to make a highly competitive offer to the right talent and those that low-ball offers and run the risk of getting the door shut on the opportunity or simply waste time negotiating. Every one of our clients has the […]

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Retained search, in-house recruiter, contingent recruiter, and RPO defined

Trying to sort through the different types of recruiters and recruiting options in a competitive job market and which will perform? Here are the pros and cons of the four top recruiting options: in-house recruiting team, contingent search, retained search and RPOs. In-house recruiting team Internal or in-house recruiting teams are comprised of various staff […]

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Preparing to be the right candidate

First, a disclaimer: you can’t be the right candidate for an executive position if you’re not qualified, no matter how many advice articles you read. This article is no exception -- it’s intended only to help you if you have what it takes to succeed at the role in the first place. So why did […]

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How Executive Candidates Know They’ve Found the Right Job

Publicly, you’ll usually hear me giving advice to companies looking to hire their next amazing executive. But behind the scenes, I spend a lot of time advising the executive job candidates who are being reviewed by these companies, too. The candidates’ number one question: how do I know that this is the right move for […]

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