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7 Conversations Jobs Candidates have with Executive Recruiters over Hiring Companies

Weighing the pros and cons of taking a new job rarely comes down to just compensation for most job seekers. This is particularly true for those who have budget and leadership responsibilities. These jobs are in many cases the mission-critical ones that assist the company in reaching key milestones. If conversations with these candidates are […]

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Silver-Haired Lessons in Search and Recessions

There will always be a crisis in our lives. With respect to the Covid-19 virus, it's encouraging to watch people and countries pull together, especially to help those most in need. Let's hope we can mitigate the virus soon, learn from its lessons, elevate our awareness, and improve how we respond in the future to […]

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Are You Practicing Candidate Care?

We talk about candidate care at The Hennessy Group a lot. The conversations typically center around keeping top candidates engaged while getting the client to connect with them. Candidates must pass a lengthy assessment process with us to get to the point of speaking with the client. Usually after that process, candidate interest hits its […]

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In 2020, Talent Acquisition Gets Personal

As we begin a new decade, I’m excited about the growing number of opportunities in the life sciences industry. Over the last several months, I have enjoyed the chance to attend numerous life sciences events around the country, and to speak with life sciences leaders and decision makers about the issues that are most important […]

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Trouble Hiring in Life Sciences?

I know many of you are seeing an increase in help wanted ads for life sciences talent. Companies are advertising through local BIO chapters and even on the back-end of news feeds. It’s a desperate time for many small to mid-cap ​companies, particularly those located in areas with limited local talent pools. Virtual hires are […]

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Interviewing Executive Candidates: 7 Ways to Spark Intuition and Find the Right Leader

You've reviewed the executive candidates' resumes and have your own list of tried-and-true questions to ask. But when you're hiring for a leadership role in the life sciences, there's one more thing you need: intuition. You know where to find it: in a gut feeling, inner voice, or sixth sense. We all have intuition. And […]

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Creating An Effective Candidate Care Strategy

Creating an Effective Candidate Care Strategy It’s no secret that there is a global talent shortage. While this shortage is most pronounced in industries with jobs that require special skills and experience, there is a growing concern that this shortage will significantly impact more businesses in the not too distant future. While I am aware […]

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There’s a Crisis Brewing in the Life Sciences Industry

There’s a Crisis Brewing in the Life Sciences Industry How the talent shortage may impact your business – and how to combat it. By Robert Hennessy Like many industries, the life sciences sector is confronted with global economic pressures, regulatory constraints, and rising labor costs. Along with those challenges, companies are facing bitter competition for […]

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