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Does It Really Make Sense to Ban Salary History Discussions?

If you look through my firm’s staff over the years, one of the first things you’ll notice is a gender disparity: I’ve hired a lot more of one gender (female) than another gender (male) over the years. But it was never my intent to staff The Hennessy Group with more women than men. It just […]

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Why executive candidates aren’t taking your job

Your company has a great opportunity with great advancement potential for the right candidate. The compensation package is very competitive. But the role is sitting vacant and has been for a while. Your question: why? Honestly it’s not you -- or not only you. As an executive search professional, I’ve seen hundreds of situations just […]

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Is sensor-embedded Abilify going too far? Absolutely not.

I’ve seen a lot of life-changing advancements come to market in the 30 years I’ve been working in life sciences, and the recent FDA approval of the sensor-embedded version of Abilify is no exception. While the tech should allow doctors to monitor the use of a patient’s drug, the impact could reach so much further. […]

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Courage: Making a Move from Big Pharma to Small-Cap Life Sciences

I applaud and congratulate leaders like Jeremy Levin (read the interview with him in Fierce Biotech) who have the courage and perseverance to leave comfortable roles and secure jobs in big pharma in order to run risky ventures at small-cap life sciences companies, where the odds are stacked against them but the drive to develop […]

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FDA Approval for Kite Pharma’s Yescarta and HR’s Crystal Ball

If you’re in the life sciences, you already know the challenge -- and reward -- that leads up to FDA approval. And for anyone who’s ever experienced the ups, downs, frustrations, and ultimate relief/joy of obtaining approval, you also know that my description doesn’t cover half of it. Achieving what Kite Pharma has -- multiple […]

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Women leaders and the future of life sciences

I remember sitting in the corporate offices of a top-10 pharmaceutical company on the East Coast years ago as the Chief Human Resources Officer encouraged us to develop female finalist candidates for the senior-level role we were filling for them. We did. And the women we developed as finalist candidates on what was an extremely […]

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Recursion Pharmaceuticals' Series B Funding Makes Recruiting the Next Challenge

Funding positions a company for growth, and Recursion Pharmaceuticals is no exception. But, like a number of life sciences companies today, it will face its share of challenges pursuing growth -- particularly in terms of recruiting top talent. Recursion’s home is a fly-over state: Utah. While Utah boasts one of the most incredible landscapes around […]

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Interviewing Executive Candidates: 7 Ways to Spark Intuition and Find the Right Leader

You've reviewed the executive candidates' resumes and have your own list of tried-and-true questions to ask. But when you're hiring for a leadership role in the life sciences, there's one more thing you need: intuition. You know where to find it: in a gut feeling, inner voice, or sixth sense. We all have intuition. And […]

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Preparing for an interview using LinkedIn

Preparation can make all the difference between a decent interview and a job offer. Based on my experience, one of the most significant candidate weaknesses is a lack of preparation. While this is most evident in candidates entering the work force, it’s still evident in candidates at all experience levels. In this information-rich environment there is […]

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Creating An Effective Candidate Care Strategy

Creating an Effective Candidate Care Strategy It’s no secret that there is a global talent shortage. While this shortage is most pronounced in industries with jobs that require special skills and experience, there is a growing concern that this shortage will significantly impact more businesses in the not too distant future. While I am aware […]

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