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The Hennessy Group Expands Services in East Asia Markets

(PARK CITY, Utah and SHANGHAI, China) Nov, 15, 2018 -- The Hennessy Group announced its partnership with Shanghai-based executive search firm Norland Associates, Ltd., to extend life sciences executive search services to East Asia markets. “Our clients in the life sciences industry have seen incredible growth over the past few years” said Bob Hennessy, CEO […]

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How much is an executive search really worth?

A few years ago, my firm was called in to reopen an executive search project for a CSO in gene therapy. We hadn’t done the initial search. That one was handled by a combination of an in-house recruiter and a big search firm, and the result was a CSO who lasted less than a year […]

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Key selection criteria for a successful executive search

If you don’t know what “key selection criteria” is, it’s simply the skills, attributes, knowledge and qualifications that you believe a job candidate needs to succeed in a role. In theory, you’d find someone who meets all of it, make an offer, and take off running. Except when it’s an executive role you need to […]

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What’s your recruiting strategy? 6 tips from a life sciences recruiter

Thirty years ago, we’d have a handful of great prospects for any life sciences role that needed to be filled -- fewer when recruiting executive positions. At the time, the industry wasn’t very big or diverse, and everyone knew the top names. Today, we still have a limited number of great prospects for any life […]

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Leadership placements announced at Marken, Eloxx, ABEC

Aug. 31, 2018 (Park City, UT) The Hennessy Group, an executive search firm specializing in the life sciences industry, announced the completion of three new leadership placements at Marken, ABEC and Eloxx Pharmaceuticals. Marken has selected Inge Briand de Crevecoeur to serve as Director of Ops, Eastern Region. Ms. Briand de Crevecoeur brings more than […]

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Antibiotics exits through the lens of an HR pro

I recently read that Novartis has decided to shutter its antibacterial and antiviral research and development programs. It reminded me of something that happened shortly after I joined the Wyeth Research organization as an HR leader in the early 2000s. Wyeth had made the decision to pull out of the antibiotics space. My role was […]

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Confidentially Replacing an Executive: The 5 Step Plan

I got a call from a life sciences firm a few years ago. They had a brilliant Controller, but the cultural fit was all wrong and it was affecting everyone around her. Problems were quickly escalating between her and the CEO. She had to go. The problem was that the Controller hadn’t been with the […]

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Why every recruiter should know too much

I spend considerable time reading. Paper is my medium of choice, but I read plenty of digital publications and newsletters, too. I spend a portion of each day snapping photos of great print articles and sending them to my team or forwarding today’s newsletter. I’m not alone — when you’re an executive recruiter, it’s almost […]

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Yes, we still need job interviews. We just need to rethink how we do them.

One of my colleagues, Ed Herpel, forwarded a question to me the other day: "Are job interviews even necessary?" It wasn’t his question, just one that was gaining a lot of attention on LinkedIn that day. And the responses were mixed. The question couldn’t have been better timed. I had just finished interviewing a candidate for […]

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Is it possible to be too diverse when hiring executive candidates?

You want diversity in your boardroom and on your executive team, but what happens when you’re looking at a short-list of executive candidates who are so diverse that you can’t effectively compare them? That’s a problem. I’m not talking about diversity in terms of gender, race, age, ethnicity or other factors here -- we can […]

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