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6 tips to eliminate job candidates who don't really want a new job

Tire-kicking job candidates are the bane of every recruiter. But those candidates become nightmares when the company falls in love with them, makes an offer, and gets turned down the minute a new title and bigger paycheck are offered by the candidate’s current employer. For the recruiter, it’s back to square one. Only the pressure […]

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Forbes Names The Hennessy Group a Top Executive Recruiting Firm

The Hennessy Group, a retained executive search firm specializing in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and health care industries, was recently named by Forbes as one of the top executive recruiting firms in the United States. “It’s always an honor to be recognized for the work you do,” said The Hennessy Group founder and CEO, Robert […]

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11 Signs You’re Working with a Great Recruiter

I was asked recently “What makes a great recruiter?” I tried to limit myself to 2-3 characteristics, but realized that there are at least 11 signs that will tell you that you're working with a top-notch recruiter, particularly if that recruiter is assisting with executive search. Here they are: 1. Your recruiter has an innate […]

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The Secret of Their Success: Going from Candidate to President/CEO

When you’re in business, you try to remain humble. After all, there are no “givens” -- sometimes, even the greatest efforts and promises fall short upon execution. I thought about this the other day, when I was checking in with some of the candidates we’d placed over the past few years and noticed a trend: […]

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Why recruiter lies can be worse for your business than Martin Shkreli

About five years ago, I interviewed for a job with pharma bro and recently convicted felon, Martin Shkreli. In the time it took him to storm into the room sans introduction, waive my resume around, question why I was even there and abruptly depart -- a span of approximately 10 minutes -- I heard more […]

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New executive placements at Marken LLC, Pacira Pharmaceuticals and Agile Therapeutics

March 10, 2018 (Park City, UT) The Hennessy Group, an executive search firm specializing in the life sciences, has announced the successful placement of three key executive roles in leading small-cap pharmaceutical organizations. Colleen Kelly became Senior Counsel at women’s healthcare company Agile Therapeutics in Q4 2017. Ms. Kelly’s previous role was with Pepper Hamilton, […]

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What is candidate care? And why does it matter even more in executive hiring?

I called a candidate at 7 p.m. last night to prepare her for an interview she’s having later this week. Immediately after hanging up, I called another candidate who is interviewing for a different role to find out how his all-day interview went and give him the feedback I had already received from the hiring […]

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10 Things All Life Sciences Small-Cap CEOs Should Be Doing

A couple of weeks ago, when we were about to usher out yesterday‘s football dynasty and welcome tomorrow‘s, my firm had a mountain retreat. During one of our sessions, our marketing director asked me to share the type of advice I give to a small-cap CEO, particularly one in specialty pharma. I put the request […]

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Your Board Is Better with Diversity

It may be human nature to protect whatever is perceived to be the center of influence or base of power, but, as I read this recent article in the Wall Street Journal detailing a study by McKinsey & Co. connecting executive team diversity and the bottom line, I realized that research like this could finally open […]

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Hiring executives: Why your candidate shortlist isn't working out

Not seeing the right candidates on your shortlist of executive candidates? Don’t be too fast to place all the blame on a competitive job market or even the low unemployment rate. Your shortlist can also suffer for the following reasons: Problem 1: Non-experts are compiling your candidate shortlist. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a lifesaver […]

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