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Can You Fight C-Suite Turnover with Employer Branding and Candidate Care?

If I told you a high-performing, high-producing member of your c-suite was planning to leave in the next year or two, would you do anything to try to keep them? What if I told you your entire c-suite would be going? C-suite turnover is a real thing -- and a real problem that keeps growing […]

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The Key to Hiring a New Leader for Your Pharmaceutical, 2019 edition

We have a pretty good idea of what motivates a leader in the life sciences industry to move to a new opportunity because we hear it directly from them during interviews. But most of our discussions are informal. We decided it was time to get a more official temperature on what drives executive candidates, particularly […]

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Culture More Important Than Compensation to Executive Candidates

Hiring survey indicates executives candidates are less driven by how much you’ll pay them and more concerned with how they’ll fit into your company What’s the number one thing on the mind of executive candidates interviewing for a job at your company? It’s your company culture. Those were just some of the findings in a […]

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News: January 16, 2019

From Endpoint News, January 16, 2019. Blocking PD-L1 production in mice, UCSF team spotlights preclinical promise of a Pfizer-backed I/O drug

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Overqualified candidates: the gifts that keep giving

Always talk to the overqualified candidate. You may find out there are any number of reasons why they want to take a role that seems like a step back.

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4 Must-Haves for Talent Acquisition in CDMO

I just finished drafting a search and research plan for another CDMO role. I’ve done so many recently that it’s feeling like habit. CDMO is hot right now. It’s where talent is wanted and top executives are going. You’ll see the proof on our website (check out the Current Projects/Openings section), in the news, almost […]

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REPORT: Biologics and CDMO, Talent Outlook 2019

Outlook: Talent acquisition in CDMO and biologics, 2019 Roles in high-demand: biotechnologists, geneticists, quality assurance, analytical development, process development, technical operations, market intelligence, c-suite, executive committee Technological background: Operations, Development, Manufacturing, Validation plus Regulatory expertise: Experience obtaining approvals in multiple regions Skills and traits: Leadership, Strategic and creative vision, extensive personal networks, project management skills […]

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The Hennessy Group Expands Services in East Asia Markets

(PARK CITY, Utah and SHANGHAI, China) Nov, 15, 2018 -- The Hennessy Group announced its partnership with Shanghai-based executive search firm Norland Associates, Ltd., to extend life sciences executive search services to East Asia markets. “Our clients in the life sciences industry have seen incredible growth over the past few years” said Bob Hennessy, CEO […]

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How much is an executive search really worth?

A few years ago, my firm was called in to reopen an executive search project for a CSO in gene therapy. We hadn’t done the initial search. That one was handled by a combination of an in-house recruiter and a big search firm, and the result was a CSO who lasted less than a year […]

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Key selection criteria for a successful executive search

If you don’t know what “key selection criteria” is, it’s simply the skills, attributes, knowledge and qualifications that you believe a job candidate needs to succeed in a role. In theory, you’d find someone who meets all of it, make an offer, and take off running. Except when it’s an executive role you need to […]

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